Organic Productions is a small and creative Digital Multimedia company based in Roleystone,
Armadale City, Western Australia.

We work with local artists assisting in recording, publishing, websites and videography.

We provide Audio Visual services for performing events (PA hire, staging, microphones, lighting).

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Spectrum Space Music Video Project 2023

This is a new project. Our working files for the participants can be found here...


Torchlight Youth Mentoring Project 2020 (Roleystone)

Over the last 3 months of 2020 on Fridays after school, we hosted a Youth Mentoring Program in Roleystone with the help of a few friends. We called it the Torchlight "Celtic Club". It was designed to boost self-esteem, manage anxiety and build a supportive peer network - but most importantly to have some fun and do something awesome!

The scope was Celtic Songs, so together with the kids we picked 5 songs to work on. Over 8 weeks we held music workshops to help the kids "find their voice", "find their key" and learn how to use a microphone. Throughout the workshops we invited professional musicians to join us to encourage live musicianship. Following the music workshops we built a pop-up recording studio and for another 2 weeks recorded the songs professionally. Finally, in the 11th week we filmed music videos with the help of the youth at the Roleystone Academy of Digital Media. The final videos were then edited and completed on the 13th week.

The students participating in this youth mentoring project were from ages 12-15 years with limited prior performing experience and little (to no) formal music training.