We are fully insured and our electrical gear is tested and tagged to meet Local Government requirements.

We are upfront with our costs (no surprises!).


Video Capture including standard Camera Gear: $600+GST/day

Additional Crew: $300+GST/day

Editing: $400+GST/day. 

(Typical cost for a short video including filming and editing published on Youtube is $1,000+GST)


Audio/Visiual PA Hire and Operation

Audio Technical (including standard PA Hire): $500+GST/day

Lighting hire and setup: $200+GST

Projector hire and setup: $300+GST

Additional Crew: $300+GST/day


Drone Videography 

Fly-through filming flight: $200+GST. (Includes Drone hire. Flying time 15min, 2hr on site, approx 5min of footage.) 

Fly-through video editing and YouTube Upload: $150+GST

(Typical cost for a video including flight and editing published on Youtube is $350+GST)

(CASA Accreditated RPA operator) 


Timelapse Video

Setup and Camera Hire: $200+GST/camera.

Fortnighty surcharge: $100+GST (covers wear and tear, plus battery and card changeout).

Timelapse Video Edit and Youtube Upload: $150+GST/camera

(Typical cost for upto a fortnight Timelapse video published on Youtube is $450+GST)


Studio Audio Recording

Hourly rate: $50+GST/hour

Rate applies to recording and, if required, mastering and mixing. 18 multi-track recording.

We can also assist you with digital distribution (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify).


Drone 3D and 2D Mapping

Good for graphical historical archives or construction planning.

3D Map: $300+GST. (Visit https://organicproductions.com.au/3d to see a sample). 

2D Map (suitable for measurements and site planning): $300+GST.



Notes regarding Day Rates:

Days are typically 8hrs and will need to include time for prep, travel, setups, packups, battery charging and data transfer.

Typically in a "1 day job" there will be around 4hrs ready to film.

We round our timeup to the nearest half day.


Portable Stage Hire, including Setup and Packdown

2 piece modular stage (2.4m x 2.4m - 0.6m high):  $400+GST installed.

2 piece modular stage (2.4m x 2.4m - 0.3m high):  $400+GST installed.

5 piece modular stage (6m x 2.4m - 0.6m high):  $800+GST installed.

Each piece is 2.4m long by 1.2m wide by 0.6m high - so we can arrange in different layouts.

Discounts available for non-profit groups. Call for details. 

Portable Stage Armadale Jull st 600mm5 Piece Portable Stage - 600mm high - Armadale Jull st

 Settingup Portable Stage Armadale Jull StSetting up the Portable 5 Piece Stage.... what is under the board and behind the curtain.

 Portable Stage Roleystone Hall5 Piece Stage alternative layout - Roleystone Hall

Portable Stage Roleystone Hall TheatrePortable Stage With Performers - Roleystone Theatre Christmas Show

Roleystone Stage Folk Band5 Piece Portable stage with Folk Band