This Article was specifically written for the X32 producer, although most of the tips here can be used for the Full X32 desk. The X32 producer is a compact, top rack mounted mixer and as such has less outputs and busses than the full X32 console.

This FAQ is all about mixer outputs. If you want to know about inputs (ie for Mics, Guitars, Keyboards) this FAQ is not for you.

 mixer outputs

Today, the airwaves are full of transmissions - and wireless microphone transmissions can suffer from interference.

Due to the incompetence and lack of forsight of our Australian Government, equipment suppliers have had difficulty finding safe frequencies for wireless equipment - and as a result wireless gear is prone to reliabilty issues. So if you can, use cables - and only use wireless if you have too.

Hero4 SilverThese are our favourite settings for low light video (with relatively low noise) on the Hero4 Silver...

BenringerX32 Mixing EQ

Here are some EQ guidelines for mixing live performances of acoustic style instruments. Every gig is different and requires unique EQ settings - it depends on how large the band is, what instruments are playing, and making spaces for instruments/vocals to produce balanced and clear audio.