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This is the working page for the 2023 Spectrum Space Music Video Project.

Project Objectives

  1. To Collaborate with a fun team of peers to create three music videos.
  2. The Journey and Friendship is important - not so much the outcome.
  3. This project will be All Inclusive.

Chris' Guidelines

  1. Positive Peer Group Networking
  2. It's all about the Journey - not about the outcome.
  3. Attend workshops to have a say in the path the project.

Trudi's Guidelines

  1. Maintain a Safe Space Culture
            - It’s always ok to say 'No' 
  2.  Treat each other with respect
            - listen to others voices and opinions, give others their time to talk
  3. Open Door Policy
            - Feel free to approach us to discuss anything at anytime, let us know if something is bothering you.



Final Song Tracks

Verge in E  Song Sheet
They Live In You Song Sheet
Dance the Night Song Sheet


Costume MoodBoards



Chorography Ideas

Sign Langauage video:

Dance the Night - Ending

Verge Chorus

Verge - Intro

Music Video Scope and Ideas

Discussion White boards...

2023 Nov 16 Verge2023 Nov 16th : Verge 2023 Nov 23 They Live Verge Dance2023 Nov 23rd: They Live - Verge - Dance2023 Nov 23 Future dates2023 Nov 23rd: Future dates2023 Nov 30: Dance - Verge2023 Nov 30th: Dance - Verge2023 Nov 30: They Live2023 Nov 30th: They Live


Song Practice Tracks

These are practice tracks. Chris and Jane's voices will be replaced with yours! They are left sparce so you can add your own instruments.

Some recordings may have a "click" track that you can hear - it helps you keep time. This will be removed in the final recording.

Verge in E - Vocal Guide Song Sheet
Verge in E - Backing Track  
Verge - Izzy's extra verse - Lucid Dream Lyrics
Dance the Night Away - Vocal Guide Song Sheet
Dance the Night Away - Backing Track  
They Live In You (Zulu Version) - Vocal Guide Song Sheet
They Live In You (Zulu Version) - Backing Track  

Izzy's extra new verse in Verge (for somebody to solo) : pdfVerge_Izzy_Lyrics.pdf

Song Writing Excercise

Different People (For Miles and Smiles)

Song Sheet

Vocal Exercises

We will be doing vocal exercises every week. These are not manditory - but it will help you find your voice - even if you are not a singer.

It will be much the same vocal excerise each week.

The object of these is to strengthen your voice and gain confidence with using it.

Day-O practice recording:

Wellerman Sea Shanty Song Sheet