Case Study: 2 Marys 2022

The 2 Marys show was a masquerade of storytelling, music and gothic romance... based on a true story featuring Frankenstein creator Mary Shelley and her friend, the writer, Mary Diana Dods. The script was written by Perth playwright and director, Suzanne Ingelbrecht.

Organic Productions created the audio, visual and lighting design for the show's production. This included

  • Audio Voice Over recordings
  • Foley Recordings
  • Music Soundtrack Recordings
  • Shadow Theatre - 3D Puppetry visuals
  • Reflected Light visuals
  • Projected Videography
  • Theatre Light Design (Spots and Washes)
  • DMX, Audio and Visual Cues programing (with Show Cue Systems)
  • Photography (inc studio)
  • Graphic Design (Posters/Social Media) 
  • Building Minor Set Rigs (Curtain rig).

The show was well received with its debut performance in Perth Fringe World 2022. In particular, FringeFeed wrote this review in regard to the show's AV...

Fringefeed Review



Photos were required for Fringe Festival promotions. These were done 6 months prior to the show's final development.The first promotional photos were taken in the OrganicProductions Shed studio in Roleystone, Perth. A black sheet backdrop was used.

Perth theatre photography makeupYvette applying makeup on Shirley for the photoshoot.

2Marys thearical photography studio

2Marys theatre promotion photography

2Marys stage photography perthShirley Van Sanden as Mary Dods (foreground) and Nichola Renton as Mary Shelley (background).


Promotional Posters and Graphic Art

Promotional Posters were designed and published for Fringe World 2022. Social media graphics were also produced to promote the show.

2Marys Email Footer

2021 2 Marys Poster v3 Social


Recording Audio and Foley Effects for the the Show

Voice over recordings with Igor Sas and Suzanne Ingelbrecht were recorded at Organic Productions.

Igor Suzzane Voice Over RecordingIgor and Suzanne during Voice Over Recording

Simple soundtrack recordings were made. Flute and whistle recordings were performed and recorded by Chris Horgan  (Perth Jarrah Celtic Band).

Piano soundtrack recordings were made, performed by Merlene Smith on the Armadale Jull Street Piano.

Other foley recordings were made such as:

  • Water Drops / Rain (garden hose on various surfaces)
  • Thunder (wobbling tin)
  • Lightening (finger click)
  • Opening Gate (fence gate and shackels)
  • Rowing Boat (swimming pool and wood blocks)
  • Screams / Moans
  • Background crowds


Creating Projector Visuals for the Show

The majority of the video projections were created at the Midland Junction Arts Centre as part of their "Artist in Residence" program.

Chris Shadow PuppetsChris Filming 3D Shadow Puppets

Creature Eye ProposalThe "Creature Eye" Proposal

Suzanne Eye FilmingFilming Suzanne's Eye


Watch the Showcase video below for details of the visual and audio effects that were produced for the Show...


"Making of" Videos

Here are two videos detailing how we made the visual effects.

2 Marys Crew 2022 Credits

  • Director/Writer: Suzanne Ingelbrecht
  • Actors: Nichola Renton and Shirley Van Sanden
  • Male Voice Over/Vocal Effects: Igor Sas
  • Female Vocal Effects: Suzanne Ingelbrecht
  • Makeup: Yvette Drager Wetherilt
  • Stage Manager: Danika Bentley
  • Costume Design: Qi Cao
  • Piano Player: Merlene Smith
  • Audio Engineering / Video Production / Lighting Designer: Chris Horgan
  • Show camera operator: Jacob Horgan