QSC touchmix

For some reason, Google Play won't allow the QSC TouchMix Control to install on some Android tablets.

I had this problem with the Lenovo Tab FHD. I think is a problem with QSC - they haven't done enough work to support the whole Android community.

But you can install the APK (Android install file) from another 3rd party place like APKPure. 


The offical Google Play store location is here...



Google Pay store is the better place because they scan for malicous code... you can't be sure with 3rd Party places like APKPure. But unfortuneatly we sometimes have no choice.

You will need to allow the app to be installed from this insecure place, and an app to be installed via Chrome  - so accept those dialogue boxes.


Once the App is installed on the tablet you will then need to do the following to control the desk...

  1. Join the QSC desk WIFI. Sometimes this is hidden - so you will need to go into your network settings and type in the SID manually.

  2. Once the tablet is logged into the desk WIFI, on the desk you will need to find the tablet and give it access.