As of writing this FAQ (2023), Davinci does not natively support the X-Touch.

But Davinci and the X-Touch support the MCU protocol.

We use midi translater called BOME to intercept some of the special X-Touch keys and translate them into keystroke comands.

Midi Diagram


BOME Setup:

BOME can be downloaded here...

We purchase the Pro version of BOME (as per screenshots), but you can use the Free version.

The Faders, Mute, Solo and other standard MCU Control Surface midi commands should pass through BOME translater untouched, to let Davinci and X-Touch to commuicate as per normal.

BOME is just used to intercept some of the X-Touch keys and trigger Keyboard commands.

BOME Settings

My BOME settings file for the X-Touch and Davinci Resolve can be downloaded here...



Davinci Setup:

Under Devinci Resolve > Preferences...

Davinci Control Settings


You need to setup the X-Touch for MCU configuration, and USB interface. To do this, hold the Channel 1 [SELECT] button down while powering up.

XTouch Setup

You will also need to make some labels for your X-Touch.

Xtouch Picture buttons 

 Xtouch Picture Wide