This Article was specifically written for the X32 producer, although most of the tips here can be used for the Full X32 desk. The X32 producer is a compact, top rack mounted mixer and as such has less outputs and busses than the full X32 console.


Terminology used in this article...

  • Bus = MixBus = Aux (same thing)
  • DCA Group = Subgroup (control volume of multiple input faders)

Setting Effects on X32

For the X32 Producer, we assign the following busses...

Bus 1 - 4 : Foldbacks/Monitors
Bus 5 - 8 : Effects Sends

(For the full X32, typically Bus 1-12 are for Foldbacks/Montors, and Buses 13-16 are for Effects.)

To configure the effects, press the [EFFECT] button.

X32 Effects

Make sure that the Bus Input is set to Bus 5 (or above) – see below. The Fader for Bus 5 will then control the level to the FX Send.

X32 Effects1

By default, the FX RETURN will go to the Main LR Mix.

To add Effects to the Folds…

  • Press the [EFFECTS RETURN] button for the Effect Returns. (Left/Middle of console)
    X32 Effects1
  • Press the first channel [SELECT] button for FX Return 1. (Above channel strip)
    X32 Effects1
  • Press the [SENDS ON FADER] button to send that Effect signal to the Folds (Bus1 – Bus4). (Centre/Middle of console)
    X32 Effects1
  • Lift fader Bus1 – to send more effect to Bus 1.


Pre Vs Post Fader

Effects use Post Fader. Foldback/Monitors use pre Fader (ie: changing the Input Channel Fader should not affect the Fold). To check – press [HOME] and then check the sends tab.

X32 Effects2

X32 Effects3