Step 1: Create SYNC. Create a new sequence to synchronise all media. Call it "SYNC". Drop in the video and audio tracks and manually sync up.

Step 2: Create AUDIO MIX. For multi-track Audio - move to a new, standalone sequence and mix. Export as a WAV and place into the SYNC sequence as Camera 4. (Nesting Audio would have been ideal - but was not possible at the time with CC2015).

Step 3: Create EDIT. Create a new Sequence called "EDIT" - duplicating SYNC and removing media works.

Step 4: Drag in the SYNC Sequence into EDIT.

Step 5: Enable MultiCamera. Right mouse click on SYNC - select  Sequence > Multi-camera > Enable.

Step 6: Unlink Audio. Unlink the multi-cam Audio from the Video - so when switching the Audio remains the same. Right click over the audio track and Select Camera 4 audio.

Step 7: Show Multicam in Program Monitor. Show multi-camera tool in the Program Monitor. To do this, you can edit the Program Monitor tool bar to add multi-camera - or press [Shift 0]

Step 8: Start Camera Switching. Play the EDIT sequence, switching cameras in the Program Monitor (by clicking on the camera view). When play has stopped, the sequence will be cut to show the camera switching.

Handy Shortcuts:

ENTER Make preview file. Green bars go red. Timeline
SHIFT ~ Full screen for the window activated. Good for mixing audio Active Window
SHIFT 0 Multicam view Program Monitor
CNTR Insert Clip Source Monitor
O Out point Monitor/Timeline
I In point Monitor/Timeline
M Marker Monitor/Timeline
\ Fit to window Timeline
+ Zoom in Timeline
- Zoom out Timeline
ALT DELETE Ripple delete - shifts timeline Timeline

Exporting Media - Output Formats

Format: H264
Preset: Match source high bitrate.

Sequence Formats:

  • Under Sequence settings in the Sequence menu. Change the Editing mode to custom and change the Preview codec to GoPro Cineform.
  • 1920 x 1080


Tried Nesting the Multi-track Audio with Camera 1 - then mixing in the Nest and using in in the multi-cam. It worked for a while - but then Premiere eventually freaked out with a random error "Low-level Exception occurred in Adobe Player" error.