Scam AlertIn short - we would advise avoiding the stock service "". They will ask for more money from you at a later date and put you in a very difficult position.

In most places in the world, it is illegal to pull images or video from the internet and use it without the artist's permission.

So there is always a cost for using third party ("Stock") multimedia - be it photos, videos or graphic design. The artist needs a payment for their art. It puts food back on their table and supports their livelihood.

So we buy any multimedia that we don't make ourselves from Stock photo and video service companies. This should be a small once off, royalty free payment.

But unfortunately, there are some companies like that sell you photos and then later will try to get more payments from you.

After we purchased stock footage with with their Standard Licence (which is a commercial license) - we were later approached by - who then started to ask us for more payments after we used the footage.

From website...
" The Standard License is a default license type that allows you to use a downloaded file for personal and commercial purposes within the terms of the Standard License.

It covers various use cases, including advertising and marketing, UI designs in websites and apps, product packaging, newspapers and magazines, book design, and more.

If you have a Standard License, you can print no more than 500,000 copies of material created using a downloaded file.

But after purchasing and delivering a comerical licence for the footage we purchased, have comeback saying that our licence is not valid and that we need to pay more and buy a company plan.

In our option, this is a clear case of upselling, but in doing so, has possibily nullified our legal licence - potentially putting our company and clients in a stressful position.

We feel like we have been scammed by this company and recommend that others avoid the use of services in future.