Getting Your Music Online ArmadaleHere are a few industry secrets on getting your audio tracks and metadata out there to the public, so when they buy your CD and put it into their Computers - they will see the track listing and Album titles.

Registering Track listings for a physical CD

When you place a CD into a computer's CD drive, it goes to the internet to lookup track info and album art. There are two online databases that the software may uss. For your track listings and Album art to be found, you'll need to get the info on these two databases.

Windows Media Player uses the AMG database. You will need to post them your CD. Submission can be placed here...

Post the CD to...

Product Submissions
TiVo Corporation
100 Phoenix Drive, Suite 201
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2202

Email the bio and Artist pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Itunes, WinAmp and QMP uses Gracenote. You can submit your track info via these programs online.

Publishing Album art with Gracenote is troublesome. As of  2011, the programs could not submit Album art. The Gracenote FAQ states that CD Baby can do this - but in our experience CD Baby did not do this and just handballed the issue back to Gracenote FAQ. Even having your Album art in the iTunes store does not always get it into Gracenote.

More info about Gracenote CD's database can be found here...

Gracenote guidelines are here...

To submit the Track listing to Gracenote - you can use iTunes or QMP.

  • QMP can be downloaded here.
  • You will need the Lame MP3 codec for QMP - which can be downloaded here.


Selling your Music online with iTunes and Amazon

To get your music in the big online stores you need to go through a publisher like CD-Baby.

Note: With our experience with CD Baby - we found that they didn't register track listings or Album for physical CD's - despite their claims on their own website. You will still need to submit your track listing on AMG and Gracenote as above.