Tips for using Black Magic's Davinci Resolve editing software 17.2.

davinci resolve studio


Common Shortcuts

COLOUR Ctrl+d toggle selected node 
   p  Full screen preview
  Alt+d Toggle all nodes
  Alt+s Add serial node
  Alt+p Add parallel node
  i Input
  o Output
EDIT < Nudge clip left one frame
  > Nudge clip right one frame
  Shift+ < Nudge clip left multiframes
  Shift+ > Nudge clip right multiframes  
  M Markers


Setting Up a Multicam Edit

In the Edit tab Davinciresolve edit tab

  1. Select the clips to make into a multicam
  2. Right Mouse click "Create New Multicam"
  3. Select the new Multicam file, right click, "Open in Timeline"
  4. Select the clips, then right click, "Auto Align".

When in Colour Tab, click unmix to see the clip.


Colour Wheels

  • Lift = Shadows
  • Gamma = Mids
  • Gain = Highlights
  • Offset = overal level.
  • Y = Luminance


Stabilisation Tips

Perspective: Best for getting in close. Generally use first. Uses perspective, panning, tilting, zoom and rotation stabilitization.

Simularity: Use if there is too much warping with Perspective mode. Uses panning, tilting, zoom and rotation stabilitization.

Transition: This mode only uses pan and tilt stabilitization (X&Y). 

Cropping: Higher value - more stable. A value of 0 has no effect.

Smooth: Higher value - less stable. A value of 1 has no effect.

Camera Lock: Makes the footage look like its on a tripod.  This could stuff up the framing.

Drone Stabilisation Settings:

  • Mode: Similarity
  • Cropping: 0.25
  • Smooth: 0.25
  • Camera Lock : YES

Timelapse Stabilisation Settings:

Useful when the timeplase camera is on a shaking tree or pole.

  • Mode: Translation 
  • Cropping: 0.5
  • Smooth: 0.7
  • Camera Lock : NO (can otherwise creep pan the shot)
  • Zoom: No


Audio Tips


For Naration Tracks

Normalise audio -5dB.

Compressor settings:

  • Makeup +5dB
  • Threshold: -21dB
  • Ratio: 5

To set stereo feel:

  • Boom mic pan: 50L
  • Lapel mic pan: 5R