Hero4 SilverThese are our favourite settings for low light video (with relatively low noise) on the Hero4 Silver...

Resolution: 2.7K allows for cropping with no effect on light.
Frames Per Second: 25 best for Australian 50Hz power supplies - avoids strobing.
Field of View: Linear  No Fisheye
Spot Meter: ON Will set exposure with what is center of the frame.
Protune: ON Allow extra settings
White Balance: Auto or 5500 Use 5500 if matching with other cameras - Average Daylight
Color: GroPro Color Use Flat to grade with other cameras
Shutter: Auto  
ISO Limit: 800 1600 will show more grain. 6400 is terrible
Sharpness: Medium  
EV Comp: 0.0 Exposure Compensation.