tape machineI've been using the Android App "Tape Machine" by Samalyse since 2012. It is a truly fantastic app for recording band rehearsal sessions - particularly the loud rehearsals because the app has an auto gain function. The waveform is displays is very handy for detecting clipping and volume level - plus it shows when we stop and start tunes.

tape machine waveform

When the rehearsal is over, I can cut out sound bites with Tape Machine's brilliant export feature to save and share for song practice.

The Google Play app page is here...

Google Play

Unfortuneately this brilliant developer seems to have gone "off the grid" and the supporting website that held the mp3 codec is not functioning.

So in the interests of the "Tape Machine junkies" out there like myself, here is the codec that you need to get the mp3 export function working...


If the Developer gets back, let me know and I'll take this down.

You may need to buy the full App and possibily the MP3 codec pack - but I am not sure of this. These instructions are written for people like myself who have previously  purchased all the licenses.

To install the code...

  1. Go to this FAQ page on your Android Device (the one you are reading now)

  2. Click on the mpeg codec zip file above. This should save it on your Android.

  3. Look for the notification that the ZIP file has been downloaded - and click on it to open. It should ask you what to open with - select "Tape Machine - Codecs" - and your are finished.
  4. If the step above does not work, then you need to opne the ZIP file with "TapeMachine-Codec". This is how on an file manager app called File Commander...
    1. Open "File Commander" and find the zip file (it is probably in your downloads folder).
    2. Hold your finger on teh ZIP file it to select it
    3. Click the menu with the 3 dots (top right) - then "Open As"
    4. Then click "Other"
    5. Scroll down to find "TapeMachine - Codecs"
    6. TapeMachine might freak out with an error - but the codec should now be installed.



I have no association with TapeMachine or the Developer. I am just a simple user of the app. Use at your own risk, etc...

Internet looneys and trolls - please leave me alone!